Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pathetic photo of the week: Pope Francis receives the Ecumenical Delegation from Finland

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Pathetic photo of the week: Pope Francis receives the Ecumenical Delegation from Finland

Pathetic photo of the week
Pope Francis receives the Ecumenical Delegation from Finland
Lutherans and others visit Rome (Vatican Radio, Jan 18, 2016)

by John Vennari

Readers know I usually do not descend to personal comments, but with this photo I could not resist. How could any sane Catholic regard this photo without repugnance?

The clergyman on the left looks like an androgynous Donald Trump in an ill-fitting wig;

The Lutheran lady-bishop looks as if she’s receiving a gift of earrings;

While Cardinal Koch looks like an anemic haddock with lung trouble.

The post-conciliar freak show continues.

What virile young man would be attracted to this effeminate, phony religion?
Saint Maximilian Kolbe:
Ecumenism is the Enemy of the Immaculata

  The mission St. Maximilian entrusted to his Knights of the Immaculata was that of converting the whole world to the Catholic Church. He said,”Only until all schismatics and Protestants profess the Catholic Creed with conviction, when all Jews voluntarily ask for Holy Baptism – only then will the Immaculata have reached its goals.”[1]

    “… In other words” Saint Maximilian insisted, 
“there is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must not only fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy. We must realize the goal of the Militia Immaculata as quickly as possible: that is, to conquer the whole world, and every individual soul which exists today or will exist until the end of the world, for the Immaculata, and through her for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.”[2]
Rycerz Niopokalenz, 4 (1922), p. 78. Cited from The Immaculata Our Ideal, Father Karl Stehlin [Warsaw: Te Deum, 2005], p.37.
2. Entry of Diary dated April 23, 1933. Cited from 
The Immaculata Our Ideal, p. 37.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donald Trump Blasts Abortion: Roe v. Wade Started a “Culture of Death” Killing Over 50 Million People

In some of his clearest and most forceful remarks on the issue of
abortion since becoming a presidential candidate, businessman Donald
Trump wrote
a weekend op-ed in the Washington Examiner newspaper outlining his pro-life views and blasting both abortion and Roe v.Wade.

Trump opens the column explaining that he is pro-life with exceptions only for the very rarest abortions.

“Let me be clear — I am pro-life. I support that position with
exceptions allowed for rape, incest or the life of the mother being at
risk,” he said. “I did not always hold this position, but I had a
significant personal experience that brought the precious gift of life
into perspective for me.”

Trump said America has gone astray because it has moved away from the
founding principles the nation’s founders put in most — most notably
the right to life.

America, when it is at its best, follows a set of rules
that have worked since our Founding. One of those rules is that we, as
Americans, revere life and have done so since our Founders made it the
first, and most important, of our “unalienable” rights.

Over time, our culture of life in this country has started sliding
toward a culture of death. Perhaps the most significant piece of
evidence to support this assertion is that since Roe v. Wade
was decided by the Supreme Count 43 years ago, over 50 million Americans
never had the chance to enjoy the opportunities offered by this
country. They never had the chance to become doctors, musicians,
farmers, teachers, husbands, fathers, sons or daughters. They never had
the chance to enrich the culture of this nation or to bring their
skills, lives, loves or passions into the fabric of this country. They
are missing, and they are missed.

SIGN THE NEW PLEDGE: I Pledge to Vote for a Pro-Life Candidate for President
One of the top things any president can do is ensure that taxpayer
funds are not used to pay for abortions or to fund groups like Planned
Parenthood that promote and perform abortions. Trump  staked out a clear
pro-life position opposing government funding of abortions — in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, who is making a push for free abortions a hallmark of her campaign.

The Supreme Court in 1973 based its decision on imagining
rights and liberties in the Constitution that are nowhere to be found.
Even if we take the court at its word, that abortion is a matter of
privacy, we should then extend the argument to the logical conclusion
that private funds, then, should subsidize this choice rather than the
half billion dollars given to abortion providers every year by Congress.
Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of
conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best.

If using taxpayer money to facilitate our slide to a culture of death
were not enough, the 1973 decision became a landmark decision
demonstrating the utter contempt the court had for federalism and the
10th Amendment. Roe v. Wade gave the court an excuse to
dismantle the decisions of state legislatures and the votes of the
people. This is a pattern that the court has repeated over and over
again since that decision. Roe v. Wade became yet another incidence of disconnect between the people and their government.
“The next president must follow those principles that work best and
that reinforce the reverence Americans hold for life,” Trump concludes.
“A culture of life is too important to let slip away for convenience or
political correctness. It is by preserving our culture of life that we
will Make America Great Again.”

Donald Trump Blasts Abortion: Roe v. Wade Started a “Culture of Death” Killing Over 50 Million People

Donald Trump Blasts Abortion: Roe v. Wade Started a “Culture of Death” Killing Over 50 Million People: In some of his clearest and most forceful remarks on the issue of abortion since becoming a presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump wrote a weekend op-

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Most holy, immaculate Virgin Mary,
to your motherly heart Jesus entrusted his disciples
and to us He has given you.
I thank you, O most beautiful and noble of women,
that you have always loved me as a mother,
and I want to provide afresh for you an honored place in my life.
Obtain for me from Jesus
the gift of a new beginning and a new heart:
a heart open and obedient to God’s Word;
a heart simple as a child’s;
a heart bold in sacrifice;
a chaste heart;
a thankful heart;
a compassionate heart;
a heart like yours,
O Mary.
Enfold in your mercy, dear Mother,
all my dear ones especially….(pause)
and all who have a special claim to your help
– children and young people,
-the sick and the suffering,
-the forgotten and the poor of this world.
Join your prayers to our petitions
for those who do not cease to be your children
even though they have abandoned the faith and fallen into sin.
May a remembrance of your love and beauty
touch their hearts at depths we can not reach.
As at Pentecost,
so now pray for the Church;
pray for our parish,
our priests,
our Brothers and our Sisters,
and for all of us,
who strive to serve others in the name of Jesus, your Son.
With all generations,
we will ever call you blessed, O Mary,
our Mother of Perpetual Help,
for God, the Almighty,
has indeed done great things for you,
and you have been and are so gracious to us:
O clement, O loving,
O sweet Virgin Mary.


O Mary,
Mother of Jesus Christ and Mother of priests,
accept this title which we bestow on you
to celebrate your motherhood
and to contemplate with you the priesthood
of, your Son and of your sons,
O holy Mother of God.
O Mother of Christ,
to the Messiah-priest you gave a body of flesh
through the anointing of the Holy Spirit
for the salvation of the poor and the contrite of heart;
guard priests in your heart and in the Church,
O Mother of the Savior.
O Mother of Faith,
you accompanied to the Temple the Son of Man,
the fulfillment of the promises given to the fathers;
give to the Father for his glory
the priests of your Son,
O Ark of the Covenant.
O Mother of the Church,
in the midst of the disciples in the upper room
you prayed to the Spirit
for the new people and their shepherds;
obtain for the Order of Presbyters
a full measure of gifts,
O Queen of the Apostles.
O Mother of Jesus Christ,
you were with him at the beginning
of his life and mission,
you sought the Master among the crowd,
you stood beside him when he was lifted up from the earth
consumed as the one eternal sacrifice,
and you had John, your son, near at hand;
accept from the beginning those who have been called,
protect their growth,
in their life ministry accompany your sons,
O Mother of Priests.

Novena to Our Lady Of Hope

Novena to Our Lady Of Hope

Novena to Our Lady Of Hope

I am the mother of fair love, and of fear,
and of knowledge, and of holy hope.
In me is all grace of the way and of the truth;
in me is all hope of life and of virtue.
Come to me all that desire me
and be filled with my fruits (Sirach 24:24-26).
O Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother of Grace, Hope of the world.
Hear us, your children, who cry to you.
Let Us Pray.
O God, who by the marvelous protection
of the Blessed Virgin Mary
has strengthened us firmly in hope,
grant we beseech You,
that by persevering in prayer at her admonition,
we may obtain the favors we devoutly implore.
Through Christ Our Lord.
Prayer to Our Lady of Hope
O Mary, my Mother,
I kneel before you with heavy heart.
The burden of my sins oppresses me.
The knowledge of my weakness discourages me.
I am beset by fears and temptations of every sort.
Yet I am so attached to the things of this world
that instead of longing for Heaven
I am filled with dread at the thought of death.
O Mother of Mercy,
have pity on me in my distress.
You are all-powerful with your Divine Son.
He can refuse no request of your Immaculate Heart.
Show yourself a true Mother to me
by being my advocate before His throne.
O Refuge of Sinners
and Hope of the Hopeless,
to whom shall I turn if not you?
Obtain for me, then,
O Mother of Hope,
the grace of true sorrow for my sins,
the gift of perfect resignation to God’s Holy Will,
and the courage to take up my cross and follow Jesus.
Beg of His Sacred Heart
the special favor that I ask in this novena.
(State your request here…)
But above all I pray,
O dearest Mother,
that through your most powerful intercession
my heart may be filled with Holy Hope,
so that in life’s darkest hour
I may never fail to trust in God my Saviour,
but by walking in the way of His commandments
I may merit to be united with Him,
and with you in the eternal joys of Heaven.
Mary, our Hope,
have pity on us.
Hope of the Hopeless,
pray for us.
Recite the following prayers…
3 Hail Marys…

Arinze Ani


  1. milon nayak
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    lord, son of daud, bless as to relive from sins, day by day we are doing a lot of sin to crusify you. bless us and show us the right way. and sent yours gaide angle to us. amen
    pray for the villagers and worker, who is working for serve their child as good disire.
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