Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Litany of the Pierced Side of Christ

Lord have mercy
R. Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
R. Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy
R. Lord have mercy
God our Father in heaven
R. Have mercy on me
God the Son, Redeemer of the world
R. Have mercy on me
God the Holy Spirit
R. Have mercy on me
Holy Trinity, one God
R. Have mercy on me

(Each invocation should begin with: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of David” and end with, “Have mercy on me, a sinner.”)

Who has suffered agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
Who has been scourged at the pillar
Who has been crowned with thorns
Who has carried the Cross
Who has been nailed to the Cross
Who has died on the Cross
Whose side has been pierced with a lance
Who rose from the dead
Who ascended to the Father

Because of your suffering, your Father has swept away my transgressions like a cloud
Because of your suffering, your Father has made my scarlet sins white as snow
Because of your suffering, your Father has loved me with a great love
Because of your suffering, your Father has made me alive with You
Because of your suffering, your Father has raised me up with You

You have born my sins in your body on the Cross
You have freed me from sin
You have enabled me to live righteously
By your wounds I have been healed

From whose side water and blood flowed
From whose side the Church was born
From whose side, a fountain has come to wash away the sin and impurity of the Church
From whose side the Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist have sprung

You are the Lamb of God and You take away the sins of the world (3x)

You so loved the world you gave us your only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. May my heart be open to this truth and may I obtain eternal life through the merits of your Son. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Ame

Litany of the time of times
Lord have Mercy
Christ have Mercy
Lord have Mercy

God, the Eternal Father                                  to forsake your Children,
Who created us out of love.                                      Your nature forbids. Multiply Your Mercy, Father, in us.

God, the Son, who redeemed us by His            Remember us whom you
Bitter Passion and His Precious Blood.              have redeemed with your
Precious Blood. Remember
all the agonies and tortures of this redemption and
have mercy on us.

God the Holy Ghost, who sanctifies us                       Come powerfully now to
and gives us the Divine light to see.                          dissipate the darkness that
                                                                             surrounds us.

Holy Mary, who cometh as the Morning                     Actualize now in the world
Rising, fair as the Moon, Bright as the sun                 and in the hearts of your
terrible as an army set in battle array.                       children, the triumph of your Immaculate Heart.

St. Joseph, Protector of the Remnant Church             Come and protect us now as you dutifully protected the Holy Family. Like a mother hen, her chicken.

Archangel St. Michael                                              Descend with your Legion of Angles and overcome for us the enemies of the Cross. Let the world echo like the heavens did – who is like unto God. Give us a share of your sturdy courage – to defend the right of God in the Church & the world.

Archangel St Gabriel                                                Descend with your Legion of Angles; help us to say yes to the Will of God. Give us an evangelical impetus to catechize. Help us to enable the church to say yes to God.

Archangel St Raphael                                               Accompany us to overcome the devil, the Anti-Christ, and the Anti-pope by the power of the Precious Blood.

Archangel St. Jehudiel                                             Fly to our aid with your Legion of Angels, to overcome for us the wicked spirits and their human agents bent on destroying the Church of Jesus Christ.

All you great Patriarchs and Matriarchs                      Come now to defend with us the rights of God in the world.

Father Enoch                                                          Your time has surely come. We need you now to lead us in the fight against the Anti- Christ – and his agents. Help us with your power from God.
Abraham our father in faith                                      This is the time of times, we need you. Come and help your children. Who are stumbling. O, Great father of the Father.

Our Patriarchs Isaac & Jacob                                    Behold your children about to be devoured. Defend them.

Patriarch Noah                                                        Gather your children one more to safety. Bring all to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the New Ark.

High Priest Melchizedek from the                              Bring back and sustain the
Choir of Principalities.                                              True sacrifice by which Satan is thoroughly vanquished. Help us to experience Jesus’ sacrifice at the Mass.

Prophet Moses                                                        Rise now! Seeing the blatant disregard with which the world treats the commandments! Come now and help bring them back to reckoning, that souls might once more be aware of their obligations to God.

Aaron, our first Priest                                              Teach the Church again the true Priesthood and the true reverence for the temple of God.

Prophet Elijah                                                         The great Prophet of fire! Help us consume all the errors in the Church with the fire of righteousness. This is your time. You are destined to fight the Anti-Christ. Come and lead us into battle. Send us strength from your supernatural kingdom.

Prophet Ezekiel                                                       All you predicted is happening – come powerfully help us to reverse the path of self destruction.

Great Prophet Jeremiah                                           Wake up and re-enlighten consciences to the evils that surround them. Let them know that God is now warning from Heaven.

Prophet Isaiah                                                        Great Prophet! Watch now as evil has almost consumed the Church and the world. Please do not stand by. Come powerfully now to our rescue. Let us realize that by the stripes of Him who has no comeliness, we are healed.

All you Great Patriarchs and Prophets                        Rise now – this is the time of times.

Prophet Daniel                                                        What you predicted is happening. Help us to overcome all the evils you have rightly warned about. The books are now open.

Prophet Joel                                                           Pray now that the Holy Ghost is poured out abundantly that we might witness the 2nd Pentecost.

Patriarch David                                                       See now how the Saviour from your lineage is subjected to ridicule even by those for whom He shed His Blood.  Raise in your throne to His defense in the Church and the world.

St. John the Baptist, Precursor of our                        This is the time of times – do
Lord Jesus Christ                                                     not let your Martyrdom be lost on us; cover us now with the blood of your martyrdom. Help us to confound with courage the evils of our day and prepare the way for the 2nd coming of Christ like you did.

St. Deborah                                                            Our dear Mothers, behold the
St. Elizabeth                                                           dangers your children are in.
St. Ann                                                                  Mothers in faith, rescue us.
St. Esther                                                              
St. Judith                                                                        

SS. Peter & Paul                                                      Did you evangelize the world to leave the Devil to triumph with false doctrine? Rise now, come to the defense of the remnant faithful.

All the Holy Apostles of Lord Jesus                            Cover us with the blood of
Christ.                                                                   your Martyrdom. Come now and rescue us.      

St. Mary Magdalene                                                 Come help us now. Remember the wounds of your Saviour – by His love, come to our aid now.

St. Mary & Martha                                                   Come now and help us.

All the Disciples of Our Lord                                     Come now and exercise over us your particular gifts so that combined we can over throw all evil.

St. Jude Thaddeus                                                   Come, aid us with the portrait of our Lord Jesus Christ. You, Saint of the impossible, this is your time.

St. Stephen                                                            Help us to pray for those who persecute us. Give us perseverance in the face of persecution.

All you Great Doctors of the Church                          This is the time of times, the end of ends. Your knowledge of Jesus and His doctrine passed to us is now being openly challenged. Please defend from Heaven these truths.

St. Athanasius                                                         Help us to defend the creed as you did to avert self- destruction and apostasy.

St. Augustine                                                          Do not let all you suffered to solidify the faith now be taken away by heretics, enable us to completely overcome them.

St. Jerome                                                              Great doctor of the Bible – Enlighten us with the words of God. Let it be in our mouth a two edged sword to penetrate even the most hardened hearts.

St. Cyprian                                                             Great doctor, your conversion was miraculous. Aid us with your intercession that by our faith, work and example, more conversions might be wrought.

St. Dominic                                                            Pray that Our Lady will work once more great prodigies to confound the enemies of the faith.

St. John Chrysostom                                               Give us your charisma of eloquence to win over doubtful minds.

St. Patrick                                                              The pagan days are here again. Give us your power against the infernal serpents. Help us to catechize and evangelize.

St. Benedict of Europe                                             Great Monk, protect us with the power of your medal. Help us overcome the forces of evil. Help us to once more Christianize the world.

Pope St. Pius V                                                       Look with pity on the Church of Jesus Christ particularly the Mass which you perfected. Bring us back to the purity of the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

Pope Saint Leo XII                                                  Do not let the Church named after you become the venue where heresy is upheld. Come powerfully to dissipate all errors. Let not those who will speak for these errors be accepted. May they be thrown into confusion. May they however repent publicly.

St. Vincent Ferrer                                                    Obtain for us to be hammer of heretics as you were.

St. Anthony of Padua                                               Enable us to be the hammer of heretics as you were.

St Padre Pio
Anne Catherine Emmerich
St. Conrad of Parzham                                             This is the time of times.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary                                          where are you? Hurry to our
St. Francis Xavier                                                    aid, do not delay.
St. Maria Goretti
Blesses Jacinta and Francisco
St. John of the Cross
St. Maria Faustina
Theresa Neumann

St. John the Evangelist                                            How do we understand Apocalypse without your help.  Help us to understand these times and live through them in the love of God and Our Lady.

St. Thomas Aquinas                                                 Great Doctor of the Church, help us to reach the ear of your Priests with heavenly messages. May they believe and save themselves and the flock entrusted to them.  Bring them back to the practices of the real Priesthood.

St. Louis Marie De Monfort                                       All you predicted has come to pass. Help us to fight under the banner of Mary. May the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be realized in us and in the world.

St. Philomena                                                         Powerful with God, show us your power of intercession. Come now, powerful virgin, to our aid in the combat to overcome the devil in the Church and in the world. Give us a share of your zeal and courage for Christ.

St. Joan of Arc                                                        Great fighter for just causes, help us to persevere and never give up. Come to defend with us the dignity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Church.

All ye Holy Martyrs                                                  The days are here when witness of Blood will be necessary. Pray for us to have the strength for martyrdom if necessary. Come powerfully, these are your days.

All the Saints and Angels                                         Be with us now.

Lamb of God who takest away the                            Have mercy on us.
sins of the world
Lamb of God who takest away the                   Give us courage.
sins of the World
Lamb of God who takest away the                   Enable us to overcome the
sins of the World                                                     red dragon with your Precious Blood.

Let us Pray


There is no need for you to fear those numerous populations of the enemy. Children, simply offer the wounds, pains and blood of my Left Hand for their fall; you will see them disappear like ash.

All you great number of enemies of the Holy Death of my Master Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary, the Prince of darkness and iniquity, the father of all liars. I stand on the death of my Master Jesus Christ and offer His pains, Wounds, and the Precious Blood from His Left Hand to the Eternal Father, for your down fall, your destruction and your scourging.

Precious Blood of my Master Jesus Christ – Reign in me and in the lives of all men. Amen.

I assure you many kingdoms of the enemy will disappear in a twinkle of an eye.
Pray it and teach it to all men. My Precious Blood will save (Jesus assures).


Eternal Father, I offer you all the Wounds, Pains and the Precious Blood from the Sacred Feet of your Son, Our Lord and Master for all Your Children who are wandering like sheep without a shepherd in this terrifying forest. Protect them against wild predators and give them peace that they might be one and united in the same way as the nail held fast the feet of my Master and Savoiur, Jesus Christ.
Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – reign forever. Amen.

My Children whenever you say this prayer you are making the hour of my kingdom on earth to come soon. Through this prayer My Father will let it come soon, the hour of the Second Pentecost when my prayer will be fulfilled that all shall be one.


O Loving and Merciful Father, all knowing and all Powerful, the Alpha and the Omega, the Eternal Father Who created all things, that you should forsake Your children, Your Nature forbids. Look kindly on your begotten Son Jesus Christ Who came to save men and bring your kingdom down on earth. We offer you all the agonies, tortures, pains and the Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ for the defeat of all the enemies of the Holy Cross of Salvation, the Antichrist and the Red Dragon who are fighting against the truth now and in the end of age.

May they through the Precious Blood of Our Redeemer and His last breath on earth disappear like foam exposed under the sun, so that Your Kingdom may quickly come on earth. Amen.

Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – Thy Kingdom come.

Our Lord says that the forces of the enemy are taking over the world now so we should say this prayer to defeat them and their efforts.

4.   O GLORIOUS ST. JEHUDIEL, Archangel, you mighty opponent of the wicked Angels, come to our assistance with your faithful defenders. Protect us in the battle against the snares of Hell. Who want to destroy the Church of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Take all pride and envy from our hearts, so that we may praise God forever. Amen.

The Dominican Rite Litany

Lord have mercy.
R/ Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
R/ Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
R/ Lord have mercy.
Christ hear us.
R/ Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of heaven, have mercy.
R/ God the Father of heaven, have mercy.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy.
R/ God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy.
God the Holy Spirit, have mercy.
R/ God the Holy Spirit, have mercy.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy.
R/ Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy.
Holy Mary,
R/ Pray for us.
Holy Mother of God,
Holy Virgin of Virgins,
St. Michael,
St. Gabriel,
St. Raphael,
All you holy angels, and archangels,
All you holy orders of blessed spirits,
St. John the Baptist,
St. Joseph,
All you holy patriarchs and prophets,
St. Peter,
St. Paul,
St. Andrew,
St. James,
St. John,
St. Thomas,
St. James,
St. Philip,
St. Bartholomew,
St. Matthew,
St. Simon,
St. Thaddeus,
St. Matthias,
St. Barnabas,
St. Mark,
St. Luke,
All you holy disciples of our Lord,
All you Holy Innocents,
St. Stephen,
St. Clement,
St. Cornelius,
St. Cyprian,
St. Laurence,
St. Vincent,
St. Denis with your companions,
St. Maurice with your companions,
St. Januarius with your companions,
Sts. Fabian and Sebastian,
Sts. Cosmas and Damian,
St. Thomas [… Becket],
St. Peter [Martyr],
St. John [of Cologne] with your companions,
St. Dominic [Ibanez] with your companions,
St. Ignatius [Delgado] with your companions,
All you holy martyrs,
St. Silvester,
St. Gregory,
St. Pius [V],
St. Ambrose,
St. Augustine,
St. Jerome,
St. Hilary,
St. Martin [of Tours],
St. Nicholas,
St. Antoninus,
Holy Father Dominic,
Holy Father Dominic,
St. Albert [the Great],
St. Thomas [Aquinas],
St. Vincent [Ferrer],
St. Hyacinth,
St. Raymond [of Penafort],
St. Louis [King of France],
St. Anthony [of the Desert],
St. Benedict,
St. Bernard [of Clairvaux],
Holy Father Francis,
St. Martin [de Porres],
St. John [Macias],
All you holy confessors,
St. Ann,
St. Mary Magdalene,
St. Martha,
St. Felicity,
St. Perpetua,
St. Agatha,
St. Lucy,
St. Agnes,
St. Cecilia,
St. Ursula with your companions,
St. Catherine [dei Ricci],
St. Rose [of Lima],
St. Agnes [of Montepulciano],
St. Catherine [of Siena],
St. Margaret [of Hungary],
All you holy virgins and widows,
All you saints,
Be merciful.
R/ Spare us, O Lord.
Be merciful.
R/ Graciously hear us, O Lord.
From eternal damnation,
R/ O Lord, deliver us.
From a sudden and unprovided death,
From the scourges that threaten our sins,
From the snares of the devil,
From all uncleanness of mind and body,
From anger, hatred and all ill-will,
From unclean thoughts,
From blindness of heart,
From lightning and storm,
From plague, famine and war,
From the scourge of earthquake,
From all evil,
Through the mystery of your holy incarnation,
Through your passion and cross,
Through your glorious resurrection,
Through your wonderful ascension,
Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter,
On the day of judgment,
We sinners,
R/ Beseech you, hear us.
That you would give us peace,
R/ We beseech you, hear us.
That your mercy and love would preserve us,
R/ We beseech you, hear us.
That you would direct and defend your Church,
That you would preserve our apostolic prelate [the Pope]
       and all the orders of the Church in holy religion,
That you would preserve our bishops and prelates
       and all the congregations committed to them in your holy service,
That you would humble the enemies of holy Church,
That you would give peace and true concord and victory to our civil rulers,
That you would preserve the whole Christian people redeemed by your blood,
That you would recall to the unity of the Church all who are in error,
       and lead all unbelievers to the light of the Gospel,
That you would give eternal happiness to all our benefactors,
That you would rescue our souls and those of our kinsfolk from eternal damnation,
That you would preserve the fruits of the earth,
That you would turn towards us the eyes of your mercy,
That you would make our worship a reasonable service,
That you would raise our minds to heavenly desires,
That you would regard and relieve the misery of the poor and captives,
That you would visit and comfort our homes and all who dwell therein,
That you would protect and keep this state and all its people,
That you would lead to a safe haven all the faithful travelling by land or sea,
That you would instruct us in a good life,
That you would give eternal rest to all the faithful departed,
That you would hear us,
Son of God,
Son of God, you take away the sins of the world,
R/ Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,
R/ Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,
R/ Have mercy on us.
Let us pray.
Almighty and provident God,
through the intercession of Blessed Mary,
the Queen of Heaven and Earth,
and of all the angels and saints,
whom we have just invoked,
we earnestly beg you to bless,
guide and support the Holy Father.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

R/ Amen.

The Litany to the Forty English Martyrs
(To Obtain a Wide and Generous Availability of the Immemorial Roman Mass)

Lord have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us.
Christ hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.

Our Lady of the Precious Blood, pray for us.
Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, pray for us.

Saint John Haughton, intercede for us.
Saint Robert Lawrence, intercede for us.
Saint Augustine Webster, intercede for us.
Saint Richard Reynolds, intercede for us.
Saint John Stone, intercede for us.
Saint Cuthbert Mayne, intercede for us.
Saint Edmund Campion, intercede for us.
Saint Ralph Sherwin, intercede for us.
Saint Alexander Briant, intercede for us.
Saint John Payne, intercede for us.
Saint Luke Kirby, intercede for us.
Saint Richard Gwyn, intercede for us.
Saint Margaret Clitherow, intercede for us.
Saint Margaret Ward, intercede for us.
Saint Edmund Gennings, intercede for us.
Saint Swithun Wells, intercede for us.
Saint Eustace White, intercede for us.
Saint Polydore Plasden, intercede for us.
Saint John Boste, intercede for us.
Saint Robert Southwell, intercede for us.
Saint Henry Walpole, intercede for us.
Saint Philip Howard, intercede for us.
Saint John Jones, intercede for us.
Saint John Rigby, intercede for us.
Saint Anne Line, intercede for us.
Saint Nicholas Owen, intercede for us.
Saint Thomas Garnet, intercede for us.
Saint John Roberts, intercede for us.
Saint John Almond, intercede for us.
Saint Edmund Arrowsmith, intercede for us.
Saint Ambrose Bartlow, intercede for us.
Saint Alban Roe, intercede for us.
Saint Henry Morse, intercede for us.
Saint John Southworth, intercede for us.
Saint John Plessington, intercede for us.
Saint Philip Evans, intercede for us.
Saint John Lloyd, intercede for us.
Saint John Wall, intercede for us.
Saint John Kemble, intercede for us.
Saint David Lewis, intercede for us.

V. I shall go unto the altar of God.
R. Unto God. Who giveth joy to my youth.

Let us Pray.

O God, in Whom there is no change or shadow of alteration, Thou didst give courage to Thy holy Martyrs through the unfathomable graces of the immemorial Mass. Grant unto us we beg Thee, through their intercession, the wider restoration of this sacred rite of Mass, that we may rejoice in the consolation of its graces and be strengthened to serve Thee in imitation of the courage and fidelity of these holy Martyrs. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who being God, liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, forever and ever. Amen.

The Forty Martyrs Who Died for Christ and His Holy Church, Especially the Roman Mass, Which was Forbidden by Order of Queen Elizabeth I
Apostolic Letter "Summorum Pontificum" issued Motu Proprio Benedict XVI

On Saturday 7 July 2007 Pope Benedict XVI issued an Apostolic Letter on the celebration of the Roman Rite according to the Missal of 1962. The following text is the Vatican Information Service translation of the official Latin text.

Up to our own times, it has been the constant concern of supreme pontiffs to ensure that the Church of Christ offers a worthy ritual to the Divine Majesty, 'to the praise and glory of His name,' and 'to the benefit of all His Holy Church.'
Since time immemorial it has been necessary - as it is also for the future - to maintain the principle according to which 'each particular Church must concur with the universal Church, not only as regards the doctrine of the faith and the sacramental signs, but also as regards the usages universally accepted by uninterrupted apostolic tradition, which must be observed not only to avoid errors but also to transmit the integrity of the faith, because the Church's law of prayer corresponds to her law of faith.' (1)
Among the pontiffs who showed that requisite concern, particularly outstanding is the name of St. Gregory the Great, who made every effort to ensure that the new peoples of Europe received both the Catholic faith and the treasures of worship and culture that had been accumulated by the Romans in preceding centuries. He commanded that the form of the sacred liturgy as celebrated in Rome (concerning both the Sacrifice of Mass and the Divine Office) be conserved. He took great concern to ensure the dissemination of monks and nuns who, following the Rule of St. Benedict, together with the announcement of the Gospel illustrated with their lives the wise provision of their Rule that 'nothing should be placed before the work of God.' In this way the sacred liturgy, celebrated according to the Roman use, enriched not only the faith and piety but also the culture of many peoples. It is known, in fact, that the Latin liturgy of the Church in its various forms, in each century of the Christian era, has been a spur to the spiritual life of many saints, has reinforced many peoples in the virtue of religion and fecundated their piety.
Many other Roman pontiffs, in the course of the centuries, showed particular solicitude in ensuring that the sacred liturgy accomplished this task more effectively. Outstanding among them is St. Pius V who, sustained by great pastoral zeal and following the exhortations of the Council of Trent, renewed the entire liturgy of the Church, oversaw the publication of liturgical books amended and 'renewed in accordance with the norms of the Fathers,' and provided them for the use of the Latin Church.
One of the liturgical books of the Roman rite is the Roman Missal, which developed in the city of Rome and, with the passing of the centuries, little by little took forms very similar to that it has had in recent times.
"It was towards this same goal that succeeding Roman Pontiffs directed their energies during the subsequent centuries in order to ensure that the rites and liturgical books were brought up to date and when necessary clarified. From the beginning of this century they undertook a more general reform.' (2) Thus our predecessors Clement VIII, Urban VIII, St. Pius X (3), Benedict XV, Pius XII and Blessed John XXIII all played a part.
In more recent times, Vatican Council II expressed a desire that the respectful reverence due to divine worship should be renewed and adapted to the needs of our time. Moved by this desire our predecessor, the Supreme Pontiff Paul VI, approved, in 1970, reformed and partly renewed liturgical books for the Latin Church. These, translated into the various languages of the world, were willingly accepted by bishops, priests and faithful. John Paul II amended the third typical edition of the Roman Missal. Thus Roman pontiffs have operated to ensure that 'this kind of liturgical edifice ... should again appear resplendent for its dignity and harmony.' (4)
But in some regions, no small numbers of faithful adhered and continue to adhere with great love and affection to the earlier liturgical forms. These had so deeply marked their culture and their spirit that in 1984 the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, moved by a concern for the pastoral care of these faithful, with the special indult 'Quattuor abhinc anno," issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship, granted permission to use the Roman Missal published by Blessed John XXIII in the year 1962. Later, in the year 1988, John Paul II with the Apostolic Letter given as Motu Proprio, 'Ecclesia Dei,' exhorted bishops to make generous use of this power in favor of all the faithful who so desired.
Following the insistent prayers of these faithful, long deliberated upon by our predecessor John Paul II, and after having listened to the views of the Cardinal Fathers of the Consistory of 22 March 2006, having reflected deeply upon all aspects of the question, invoked the Holy Spirit and trusting in the help of God, with these Apostolic Letters we establish the following:

Art 1. The Roman Missal promulgated by Paul VI is the ordinary expression of the 'Lex orandi' (Law of prayer) of the Catholic Church of the Latin rite. Nonetheless, the Roman Missal promulgated by St. Pius V and reissued by Bl. John XXIII is to be considered as an extraordinary expression of that same 'Lex orandi,' and must be given due honour for its venerable and ancient usage. These two expressions of the Church's Lex orandi will in no any way lead to a division in the Church's 'Lex credendi' (Law of belief). They are, in fact two usages of the one Roman rite.

It is, therefore, permissible to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass following the typical edition of the Roman Missal promulgated by Bl. John XXIII in 1962 and never abrogated, as an extraordinary form of the Liturgy of the Church. The conditions for the use of this Missal as laid down by earlier documents 'Quattuor abhinc annis' and 'Ecclesia Dei,' are substituted as follows:

Art. 2. In Masses celebrated without the people, each Catholic priest of the Latin rite, whether secular or regular, may use the Roman Missal published by Bl. Pope John XXIII in 1962, or the Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1970, and may do so on any day with the exception of the Easter Triduum. For such celebrations, with either one Missal or the other, the priest has no need for permission from the Apostolic See or from his Ordinary.

Art. 3. Communities of Institutes of consecrated life and of Societies of apostolic life, of either pontifical or diocesan right, wishing to celebrate Mass in accordance with the edition of the Roman Missal promulgated in 1962, for conventual or "community" celebration in their oratories, may do so. If an individual community or an entire Institute or Society wishes to undertake such celebrations often, habitually or permanently, the decision must be taken by the Superiors Major, in accordance with the law and following their own specific decrees and statues.

Art. 4. Celebrations of Mass as mentioned above in art. 2 may - observing all the norms of law - also be attended by faithful who, of their own free will, ask to be admitted.

Art. 5. § 1 In parishes, where there is a stable group of faithful who adhere to the earlier liturgical tradition, the pastor should willingly accept their requests to celebrate the Mass according to the rite of the Roman Missal published in 1962, and ensure that the welfare of these faithful harmonises with the ordinary pastoral care of the parish, under the guidance of the bishop in accordance with canon 392, avoiding discord and favouring the unity of the whole Church.
§ 2 Celebration in accordance with the Missal of Bl. John XXIII may take place on working days; while on Sundays and feast days one such celebration may also be held.
§ 3 For faithful and priests who request it, the pastor should also allow celebrations in this extraordinary form for special circumstances such as marriages, funerals or occasional celebrations, e.g. pilgrimages.
§ 4 Priests who use the Missal of Bl. John XXIII must be qualified to do so and not juridically impeded.
§ 5 In churches that are not parish or conventual churches, it is the duty of the Rector of the church to grant the above permission.

Art. 6. In Masses celebrated in the presence of the people in accordance with the Missal of Bl. John XXIII, the readings may be given in the vernacular, using editions recognised by the Apostolic See.

Art. 7. If a group of lay faithful, as mentioned in art. 5 รต 1, has not obtained satisfaction to their requests from the pastor, they should inform the diocesan bishop. The bishop is strongly requested to satisfy their wishes. If he cannot arrange for such celebration to take place, the matter should be referred to the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei".

Art. 8. A bishop who, desirous of satisfying such requests, but who for various reasons is unable to do so, may refer the problem to the Commission "Ecclesia Dei" to obtain counsel and assistance.

Art. 9. § 1 The pastor, having attentively examined all aspects, may also grant permission to use the earlier ritual for the administration of the Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage, Penance, and the Anointing of the Sick, if the good of souls would seem to require it.
§ 2 Ordinaries are given the right to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation using the earlier Roman Pontifical, if the good of souls would seem to require it.
§ 3 Clerics ordained "in sacris constitutis" may use the Roman Breviary promulgated by Bl. John XXIII in 1962.

Art. 10. The ordinary of a particular place, if he feels it appropriate, may erect a personal parish in accordance with can. 518 for celebrations following the ancient form of the Roman rite, or appoint a chaplain, while observing all the norms of law.

Art. 11. The Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei", erected by John Paul II in 1988 (5), continues to exercise its function. Said Commission will have the form, duties and norms that the Roman Pontiff wishes to assign it.

Art. 12. This Commission, apart from the powers it enjoys, will exercise the authority of the Holy See, supervising the observance and application of these dispositions.

We order that everything We have established with these Apostolic Letters issued as Motu Proprio be considered as "established and decreed", and to be observed from 14 September of this year, Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, whatever there may be to the contrary.

From Rome, at St. Peter's, 7 July 2007, third year of Our Pontificate.
Pope Benedict XVI

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